Client Centered

  • We strive to create a non-judgment, empathetic space. This allows individuals to feel empowered in sharing authentically and transparently, and fosters a safe space where vulnerability is viewed as a strength. We view every client as unique, and take each individual's specific set of experiences, culture, worldview, and overall story and narrative into account. Our approach is ecclictic and is based on the client's needs. This allows for a more customized experience to the therapeutic journey. 

Trauma Informed

  • Creating a space of trust, safety, and support is important in addressing the needs of individuals. We approach the process with cultural humility, and give individuals the space and time to share their story at their own pace, in their own way, in as much detail, as they deem comfortable.

Cultural Humility

  • Cultural humility is important, in order to fully appreciate the information that individuals bring to the room. Gaining knowledge and understanding about other cultures, and exploring the influence of our own background, heritage, and life experiences add value to the therapeutic process. 


  • We firmly believe that the therapeutic process is transforming for all parties, and is most effective when there is an exchange of information that leads to awareness, insight, and modification of behavior and perspective. It is centered in partnership and teamwork.