Our approach is eclectic and client-centered. We believe individuals already have the answers they seek, and our responsibility is to assist in the discovery of these answers. Our approach also encourages mindfulness and movement to guide clients toward feeling safe in the body. Our practice aims to disrupt transgenerational patterns that fuel silence and secrecy around sexual abuse and other adverse childhood experiences


  • We strive to create a non-judgmental, empathetic space and view vulnerability as a strength. Our goal is to encourage empowerment through authentic storytelling. Each client is unique, and we take each individual's experiences, culture, worldview, story, and narrative into account. Our approach allows for a more customized experience of the therapeutic journey. 



  • Safety and support are needed to address the challenges of each client. We approach the process with cultural humility and give individuals the space and time to share their stories at their own pace, in as much detail, as they deem comfortable.

Cultural Humility

  •  Humility allows us to hold space for others and embrace differences. Gaining knowledge and understanding about other ways of being and exploring the influence of our background, heritage, and life experiences add value to the therapeutic process. 


  • We believe that the therapeutic process is most effective when information exchange leads to awareness, insight, and modification of behavior and perspective.