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The Hypocrisy of Sexual Double Standards

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

When men sing and rap about sex and sexuality, it’s revered; it’s celebrated. On the other hand Black women embracing their sexuality is interpreted as an invitation to engage in blatant disrespect and expressions of misogynoir. In a recent interview, Ari Lennox was asked, “Is someone f*****g you good right now?” Many agreed that the lyrics are an invitation to delve into an artist’s sex life. This is a position of hypocrisy. During the R. Kelly trial, many argued that R. Kelly (the artist) and Robert Kelly (the person) were two separate entities, and should be viewed and treated differently. Why is it difficult to apply a similar form of reasoning to this interview?

In matters of sex and sexuality, men are often shielded and celebrated. On the other hand, women are blamed and shamed. According to Atlas of Science, these double standards give men m

ore independence and mercy compared to women. In this particular case, double standards played a role in dictating the approach, tone, and content of the interview. These types of interactions perpetuate rape culture. Such interactions reinforce the message that ignoring body language and expressions clearly communicating discomfort is acceptable behavior.


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