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The Benefits of Restorative Movement

We live in a world that makes it difficult to disconnect and power down. We also live in a world that is driven by productivity, and rest might be met with feelings of guilt and shame. We've learned that we are not deserving of rest, or rest should be earned. Restorative flows gently guide us to a place of relaxation and surrender.

Restorative movement provides an opportunity to step out of the comfort zone, and step into self. Flows challenge us to disconnect from the noises and distractions of today’s world, to move at a slower pace, and to sit with the temporary discomfort of stillness and silence. Practice brings a new level of awareness, the opportunity to experience the power of presence in a personal way, and appreciation of the body as one holistic unit. Practice also allow us to experience being aligned in mind, body, and spirit.

Intentional movement is extremely important in releasing trauma and remaining grouned. Restorative movement provides the opportunity to check in and give attention to parts of the body that store tension and sensory memory. It also provides the opportunity to observe how different body parts respond to movement, what muscle groups are tight and need more love, and facilitates correction of posture. As always, being on the mat allows us to honor our temple and create sacred moments.

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